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Aquarius Horoscope

Aquarians are often attracted to Leos; a new relationship with a Leo has a big chance of success. With Sun sextile Jupiter, a good time for a new page in love.

You will find that you feel more energised, confident, and optimistic about the future at this time. It’s a good time to resolve conflicts and tackle issues you would normally find intimidating. Whatever you go for, you should experience success as long as planning was done.

Jupiter activating your 7th house ruler, means winning and navigating a tricky issue may give your ego a boost, and leave you with surge in a ‘can do attitude’ which permeated your whole life including health.

Travel is favoured if you are ravelling with a lover or spouse.

You are lucky in terms of popularity and personal appeal.

Aquarians find much joy in sharing their life with a special someone during this cycle and this means your commitment to relationships is strong and very much in evidence.

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