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Cancer Horoscope

Venus is confusing you right now. Is it really love or do you just want to feel wanted? Think about it before you do anything. Do not doubt, if you are already taken, give your relationship some time to grow.

Don't be stubborn today, try following the rules today and do what you need to do. Spend time with some co-workers after work.

Running and exercise is going to do you good today. However, you might have some disturbing dreams tonight.

Make sure that, if you are traveling today, you keep track of the new memories you create. Take pictures and make videos. They will mean a lot.

Today is not the best day to invest in anything. Do not depend on luck, make your own luck with hard work and determination.

Your mood goes up and down, but that shouldn't stop you. Try to find something positive today and spend some time with people who you love.

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