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Cancer Horoscope

You might feel like the luckiest person alive today, with the way things are going in your relationship. Don’t do something you will regret today, which counts for single Cancer signs especially!

It’s not a good time for lending money. Things are improving in the workplace, just be patient. It’s almost time to ask for that raise you’ve been eyeing for a while.

Make sure you’re not taking too many supplements or eating unbalanced meals all day. Consult with your doctor instead of checking symptoms online!

You’re more adventurous today than you have been in a long time. Areas like the Alps would be perfect!

Your lucky numbers today are 20, 29, 50 and 88. Small investments will pay off!

You shouldn’t be as indecisive as you are. Take your chances with what feels right in the moment and don’t worry so much about what others will say!

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