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Capricorn Horoscope

Taken signs might be feeling like their relationship is lacking a bit of true passion. Work on fixing this today. Flirting is going to be all single Capricorn signs are thinking about today. Investing would be a very wise financial choice. Why don't you look into it more? Work extra hard today and enjoy the results of your hard work. Have a meal with a co-worker today. Don't be afraid to experiment with food more. Bring more spice back into your life - literally. If you have a nerve disorder, go see a doctor right away today. The ideal place that you should visit is Cuba. It's such a picturesque place, you will be amazed. The numbers 8, 96, 23, 54 will provide you with some luck today, however not enough luck for you to gamble today. Sometimes, you just have a day where your energy and your mood is a bit down. Today might be one of those days. Take some time to just be by yourself today.

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