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Capricorn Horoscope

Taken signs have been extra passionate and kind towards their partner. You two speak the language of love and you have a healthy understanding of boundaries. Single signs will vibe with Aries signs.

Be careful that you don't upset a co-worker today. You can have an explosive nature from time to time. Temper you attitude and take it down a notch.

Today, you are going to be full of energy. You know what that means? That's right! Work out time! The more intense, the better. Don't forget to stretch after the work out too.

Today isn't the day for traveling for you, Capricorn. But it is the day that you will find cheap tickets for you next trip.

Jupiter, the planet of good fortune, is on your side today. Financial luck is coming your way, Capricorn.

Coping with stress is one of your main issues today. Try abdominal breathing. It will help you get rid of the tension that is trapped in your body and calm down your heart rate.

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