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Capricorn Horoscope

A moment of self-reflection is upon you, Capricorn. Acknowledge any deception or manipulation in your relationship and make amends with your partner. For single Capricorns, sparks of romance may ignite with a colleague at work.

Today your finances will experience a roller coaster ride; however, a promising opportunity for wealth and abundance lies just around the corner. Stay patient and keep faith.

Your back signals the need for extra attention today. Tread carefully and consider reducing your caffeine intake, opting for something more soothing and revitalizing.

As you journey to meet a dear friend, bask in the warmth and good vibes radiating from the Sun. Cherish the meaningful connections that fuel your soul.

Today, the color pink sprinkles a touch of luck through your day. But be cautious not to gamble with money you cannot afford to lose—impulsive decisions can backfire.

With emotions settling into harmony, you'll feel as though everything is falling into place. However, be prepared for an irritating encounter with a family member who happens to be a Leo, and navigate the situation with grace.

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