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Capricorn Horoscope

Both taken and single Capricorn signs are having a hard time taking things less seriously, romantic or otherwise. Find a Taurus to make you laugh today! Now is also not the right time to open a dating profile.

It’s hard not to give into our temptations. Focus on the basic necessities for now. In terms of work, things are looking up, just keep a positive attitude!

The time you spend looking at screens is causing your headaches. Don’t strain your eyes today if you can avoid it.

Morocco is the perfect place for your next adventure. You might never want to leave!

Your lucky numbers today are 16, 26, 34 and 48. You’re quite lucky today, but not financially yet.

You are teeming with confidence today. You should direct this energy to helping and teaching others. You could be a great mentor if you believed in yourself!

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