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Gemini Horoscope

An over hang from work tension during the week can make you a little irritable which can affect love running smoothly – take a long walk, go shopping or running whichever appeals to you so that you get the blood pumping and run off that annoyed vibe that can cause needless arguments.

Gemini will be working on their communications and online presence – so this is a time to update your website, your LinkedIn or any online profile, so that it is easy for potential employers to find you.  You may well be headhunted this year and so be visible and impressive.

You need to be physically active now as being sedentary or spending too much time on your devices will raise your level of vexation.  Plan varied activities for today as you will get bored fast as your ruler is sextile mars.

Travel in connection with political or community matters is favored.

Mars sextile mercury brings success in individual sports.

Time to have a good long catch up with your folks, parental guidance is important emotionally.

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