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Gemini Horoscope

This can be a time of playing the field for unattached Gemini who do not want to commit. You want to enjoy the dating game with none of the strings which come later when you are more involved and when there are more bones of contention.

With Neptune activated in your 10th house, this is a time of flux regarding career and your work situation, and you need to be alert to changes and ready to rush off in a new direction.

You can remake your future in your own image and so it is an empowering and perhaps daunting time; you need to believe in yourself and your own perceptions and step into the light fearlessly.

It is a fortunate day for travel which entails a packed schedule of activities.

Don't overdo it - today it can be hard to know when enough is enough, do not push your luck.

Minor changes that happen right now could portend towards greater changes that will happen throughout this year, and so if you get a feeling about changes afoot, do not ignore that feeling.

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