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Gemini Horoscope

Single Gemini signs are in or the ride of their life, because someone very special is about to be introduced to them. Is one of your friends trying to set you up with someone? That might be your soulmate!

Financially, you have been doing great lately. Here is a tip for the day: If you have lots of credit cards, start slowly cutting them up one by one.

You are looking at calories and not at the nutrition. Also, remember that excessive anything (even healthy food) isn't good for you.

Today isn't a great day to travel long distances, but it's a great day for little road trips. Call your friends and have a picnic.

You will have luck today, but it will not be a good day for investing. The number 5 is your lucky number.

Right now, someone in your family needs you. Be their emotional support system today because they trust you and your opinion. Hug them a lot.

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