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Gemini Horoscope

Gemini lovebirds, prepare for hearts aflutter as today promises romantic delights for those taken. Cosmic forces, however, cast feelings of nostalgia on single Geminis with thoughts of an ex-partner floating into view. Embrace the memories, but stay focused on the present.

Picture-perfect, work-wise, today's the day to spread your wings and soar. Demonstrate you're ready to elevate your career by engaging in a serious discussion with the boss. Let your aspirations take flight!

Gemini health aficionados, while overall wellness is on your side, it's time to address your topsy-turvy sleeping schedule. Calm your celestial dualities with meditation and rediscover tranquility.

Traveling today? Prepare for a burst of excitement as the universe fuels your wanderlust. Jot down a shopping list to make sure you've got everything needed for your grand escapade. It’s time for takeoff!

Alas, Jupiter's celestial vibes are dimmed today, so be cautious when seeking fortune. It's advisable to hold off on purchasing a vehicle for the time being. Wait for the stars to align more favorably.

Today, you're cocooned in a warm bubble of affection. Your family, friends, and dear ones yearn to spend moments of togetherness with you. Immerse yourself in their embrace and cherish these heartfelt connections.

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