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Leo Horoscope

Taken signs should do something exciting and romantic for their partner. Not a classic candle light dinner, since it should be more spontaneous. Single signs feel good around Sagittarius today. Work will be a bit boring today. Investing in your education is always a good idea. If you are thinking about getting some more knowledge or getting back to any sort of school or college, go for it. You might experience some minor headaches throughout the day. You are either a little dehydrated, or you are not getting enough sleep. Maybe invest in a white noise machine? Even though you love traveling, it might not be the best idea today. Just stay home and relax. The numbers 76, 58, 71, and 23 are your lucky numbers today. Minor financial luck is to be expected. It is important that you maintain the relationships that are important to your life. If you are closer with your friends than family, make sure to let them vocally know that you love them.

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