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Leo Horoscope

Taken Leos are just feeling the energy that Venus is giving out. You are likely, very literally, lusting after your partner. Let's hope that your partner lusts for you too. You might be faced with a tough challenge at work today. Be smarter with your money and learn when you should invest and when you shouldn't. That way, you will become more financially stable in time. You need to pay more attention to your health, Leo. Try smoothies and different squeezed juices instead of carbonated, sugary drinks. If you have never traveled with a friend, then today might be the ideal day to do so. Pack your bags and go! The numbers 7, 92, 78, 49, and 2 are going to bring you lots of good luck. Jupiter is sending out some good energy. It is likely that you are in the recovery process of some kind. Allow yourself time to heal and remind yourself that recovery isn't linear.

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