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Leo Horoscope

Single Leo need to take more risks in love; remember that if you over analyze anything you will uncover the negatives and focus on them, theory cannot tell you everything, so get out there and experience the reality.

Leo must be bolder when you deal with intimidating people at work; realize that they too have a front and what you are seeing may not be the real them, so work at finding their soft center.

It is important not to overschedule or promise more than you can deliver as the pace of change is quick this week and events are not always predictable, so you can be taken unawares and have to cancel or let some people down or risk exhausting yourself.

Travel is favored if it is connected to ending a chapter in your life or finalizing something.

Venus entering your 8th house brings luck in finding finance.

Leo are often more introverted than they look; they are extroverts hiding introverts inside - today the challenge is to be as confident inside as you look on the outside. Draw strength from that bold image and be the person others see you as.

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