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Leo Horoscope

When you are in a relationship, you want to feel adored. But, more than that, you just want the attention of your significant other. Tell them this directly. Single signs will be flirted with mercilessly.

You are working hard, and you are doing your best to stay motivated and focused on your work. But with a hot co-worker flirting with you, who wouldn't have concentration problems?

Leo signs who have had an injury that they are recovering from should be extra careful today. Don't do more damage than there already is.

It's always good to learn a couple of the common phrases like "Hello, my name is" and "thank you" in the language that is predominantly spoken in the country that you are visiting.

The numbers 44 and 7 are going to be your lucky numbers today, Leo.

Emotionally, you have been feeling a bit drained. However, being around friends and family is going to replenish your energy levels. They will be like a sip of strong, black coffee to you.

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