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Leo Horoscope

Your romantic escaping will be in response to rejuvenate and refresh the relationship. Your relationship will bring in tranquilizing showers of peace and bliss. The clouds will take some time to release the showers. Hence do not be impatient and the pre shower coolness.

Children will bring in a greater degree of responsibility. These cherubs in the process of aligning your emotional energies will also chip in a psychic change to take an initiative in being helpful.

You're riding high on your confident self. This will visibly change your personality on the subtler layers radiating an aftermath of this beautiful metamorphosis. Direct this metamorphosis into gathering support from others and taking a head start at your planned actions and projects.

It's going to be nostalgic family reunion. Transit for the family party will be in your favor.

When in the game, apply your acumen and play safe. Being gingerly on guard will prove you lucky.

Your focal points are clear. Difficult set adrift by the usual happenings and quick to kick out the disappointments, you exactly know how to bounce back and get set once again on your diametrical focus.

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