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Leo Horoscope

Sharpening your magnetism, you are in a mood of hook and the bait marvel to attract the fishes down rather than chasing them. You are at your impulsive romanticism being you are soft and mellow in your luring skills. Venus trine Neptune is catalyzing your romantic somersaults.

Kick out all your stress and traction. Set yourself free and enjoy this spirit of freedom and being the real you. Indulge in those silk temptations and pamper yourself to cuddle in your own lurking desires.

Your life is coming to a full circle now. There is an induction of new freshness and sparkle. The mounting pressure due to irksome issues has started to evaporate leaving behind a lighter you. Not chary and tart, but a beautiful and fresher you.

Transit through bus, cab or any other means of public ferry is preferable.

Health will tiptoes making you take a plunge for some solid wellbeing resolutions.

Leos have a strong sense of emotion. But they can brush their emotional intensity aside and indulge in some merry-making.

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