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Libra Horoscope

You are finally getting over a long lost love and embracing new possibilities. As soon as you rid yourself of those negative feelings, the energy that Venus is sending you will have a long-lasting impact. You are focused and extremely driven. You have a great set of priorities and you're sticking to them. You've worked hard and you deserve to enjoy yourself. Due to all the hard work that you've done, you've neglected your health a bit. Do your best to restore your health and your sense of inner peace. Yoga will do wonders. Even though it will make you feel better, traveling isn't really recommended for you now. Save up some more money for your future trip. You will feel very lucky today and that's because the planet that governs good luck, Jupiter, is sending you good energy throughout the day. Support is something that you want and crave from your family. Try talking to them more because they will know exactly what you need.

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