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Libra Horoscope

Single signs feel extremely flirty tonight. If there is a fight with your partner, do your best to stay above the situation. Don't raise your voice, and have a normal conversation with them.

If you are unemployed, then today might just be that day when you get the call. Be prepared and professional. Employed signs should try to socialize more at work.

You could really go to the doctor and get a health checkup. Your weak spot is your throat, so don't drink very cold drinks today.

If traveling is something that you love and that you are passionate about, then you have a lot of fun on your new adventure plans. Keep your passport in a space place.

You feel the effect that your ruler planet has over you today. Expect lots of seemingly random luck throughout the day.

Emotionally, you seem like you are doing fine. However, you know what's going on in your head. Talk to a few of your close friends today.

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