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Pisces Horoscope

Single signs will enjoy the company of a sensual Scorpio. Taken signs might possibly discuss things such as marriage, moving in and having children. What an exciting day!

It is very likely that you will receive a very important business related call or email today. This can be a complete game changer in your career path. Financially, you should receive some money later today.

Your weak spot will be your muscles today, so make sure that you don't go overboard with physical exercise. Don't do anything that's too risky today.

The ideal place for you to travel to is Korea. Just be mindful of the culture, and always be respectful.

The numbers 29, 35 and 87 are going to be your lucky numbers today. Wear white for extra luck.

Emotional mastery is the mere willingness to tune into your feelings. You may not even notice the moments in which you select avoidance or minimization rather than tuning in. Tune in with yourself.

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