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Pisces Horoscope

An ex is an ex for a reason! Consider your options as a single Pisces more carefully this time. Taken Pisces, this is the perfect day for a stroll with your significant other. It’s a great time for giving and receiving gifts.

You may feel like nothing out of the ordinary is happening at work, so it’s time to spice things up. Buy a plant for your office space – make sure work feels like home! Hold on tight to your wallet, you’re prone to losing money today.

There might be trouble with your respiratory system. Take deep breaths and stay active today! You are in dire need of vitamin D.

A cold continental climate is suitable – Scandinavian countries will awaken your senses once again!

Your lucky numbers today are 5, 34, 45 and 64. You’ll experience bad luck with money, but amazing luck in relationships.

Regret takes us nowhere, so it is time for you to turn a new leaf and start all over again – this time, you’re much wiser. You’re prone to mood swings today.

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