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Pisces Horoscope

Married Pisces might have a small argument related to money or related to problems (that are related to finances). Single signs feel good around Gemini signs today. Steadily, you are progressing. Don't remember that at the end of the day - your job is just your job. It doesn't define who or what you are. With the current planetary alignment, it is very likely that you immune system is a bit low. You are going to be prone to diseases today, so stay away from people who are sick. The best country for you to visit would be Macedonia. It's a small country, but there is so much beauty there. Your lucky numbers are going to be 59, 87, 92, and 26 today. Wear something light blue to attract more good luck. With Mercury sending out good energy, you will likely feel like vocalizing your opinions today, but don't cross any lines. Help out some animals today.

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