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Sagittarius Horoscope

Having doubts about your relationship? Seek the guidance of trusted friends if you're not ready to confide in your partner. Single Sagittarians, watch for your chemistry sizzle with an Aries – they'll put you at ease!

Your health hovers in the middling zone – not bad, but not exceptional either. Incorporate simple routines like weekly workouts and daily walks to boost your energy and wellbeing.

When exploring the world, always keep a stash of emergency funds handy for those unexpected situations. Being prepared is the key to a stress-free adventure.

As the day winds down, anticipate a sprinkling of financial luck. But be cautious with gambling – it's wise not to risk sizeable sums right now.

Seek solace in the empathetic company of a Cancer friend; their emotional wisdom will be invaluable in helping you parse your own feelings. Let them be your emotional guru for the day.

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