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Sagittarius Horoscope

Flexibility and broad horizons are the key elements in nurturing the love relationships. You are not a copy of your parents or friends. Everybody is unique with a different mindset, so do not expect your relationship to imitate others. Only the basic rules of adjustibilty and ductility remain the same.

Impediments will be constant visitors. Do not let them hamper your confidence in self. A lurking self doubt may mar your performance if you have had a defeat in the same task previously.

Your restrictions are too tight and austere to be altercated with. Self imposed, you duly know their importance and are willing to make that sacrifice for a better 'YOU'

Surprise transit to see a sports match will elevate your moods.

You are adroit and adept. Your dexterity will win you a fair chance.

You are quick to take the plunge in the matters of heart and find new love due to your 7th house ruler trine with Uranus. It will induce motility in your relationships.

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