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Scorpio Horoscope

Single Scorpio might think a bit too much about their ex today. Scorpio signs in committed relationships, especially in long distance relationship are feeling happy and secure in their relationship. Right now, it is likely that you aren't feeling as focused as usual. Instead of buying a luxury item, buy a good book or watch a cool documentary that will stimulate you a bit more! If you have been having problems with a mental illness it would be best if you went and saw a professional. It's hard to deal with that on your own, and seeking help is never a sign of weakness. Traveling is great, but it is likely that you don't have a trip planned anytime soon. Why don't you look for cheap tickets online? The numbers 49, 2, 11, 29 and 16 are going to be your lucky numbers today. Don't invest in real estate today. Be careful of what you say around family, friends and other loved ones. You might come across as a "little too honest".

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