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Taurus Horoscope

You meet all kinds of people if you are open for it. With the powerful Venus, the planet that governs love, romance, and passion, sending out positive energy, this period will be extremely fun for you.

Certain people at work will drive you crazy today! You still remain be very calm and collected. Do the job, and then go home and gossip with your friends about your day at work.

Don't indulge in drinking copious amounts of alcohol. Your health is something that you should always look out for. Be extra careful and do not drive if you have had an alcoholic beverage.

Traveling somewhere has been on your mind all day. Try to research some cheaper ways to travel.

Since money is something that you have been worried about, it would be best if you didn't invest or gamble with money today.

You experience lots of emotions. Some are bad, some are good. Seek for a sense of balance. Not only in emotion, but in life too.

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