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Taurus Horoscope

There will be many chances to re-evaluate how you behave in love and what your triggers are, i.e., what gets your back up, causes jealousy or the need to control. You will find that by addressing the triggers and changing the way you deal with them, you can actually have more control in the relationship and that will make you feel more secure.

There is intensity of feeling, and you will succeed at any activity in which you feel emotionally involved - in fact, emotion is a key part of what drives you to succeed, and it can provide a secret ingredient to any project you are busy with.

With Neptune activated, you should tackle unconscious reflex reactions that may no longer be productive for you, i.e., your pleasure seeking and pain avoidance reactions.

This is a good day for travel connected to tourism promotion or travel journalism.

Sometimes an antique may have hidden charms and can be lucky.

Live in the present and face reality for what it is rather than looking at it through the prism of the past.

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