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Taurus Horoscope

Ups and downs are normal in relationships, just be open and communicate about issues clearly. Of course, there also needs to be a dose of respect, honesty and love. Lucky for you, you have it all.

Your career is really going places. A promotion is coming very soon, you can just feel it in your bones. Try to set aside some money for the "dark" days.

Sugary drinks aren't a good choice for proper hydration. It would be a lot better if you brought along some freshly squeezed juice. Celery juice is all the craze right now.

It's always good to be safe, so scan your documents before traveling and email them to yourself.

Today is a great day to invest in the stock market or to buy real estate.

If a close friend of yours is sick, do your best to be there for them. Get them a nice batch of chicken soup and make sure that they are hydrated. They took care of you too, remember?

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