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Taurus Horoscope

Today, you might start falling in love with someone who you have considered “just a friend” for a very long time. Spend some time with them and actually get to know them.

Financially, you are doing excellent! But, Jupiter, the planet that governs good fortune and good luck, is on your side and you will feel it very strongly.

Your body looks amazing and you are feeling excellent. Your ruler planet, is giving you that extra boost that you needed so much. Try something that you have always wanted to try today.

Today won’t be the best day for you to travel. It would be better if you just stayed at home.

Your lucky numbers are going to be 93, 2, 10 and 98. It’s going to be a lucky day for you.

There is one particular family member that you miss a lot, and with Uranus sending strong energy, you will feel very strong and driven today because you want to see them and talk to them.

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